How to Get Back on Track with Your Fitness and Health Routine

It’s so easy to fall off the wellness train once life starts to get in the way. We start making excuses about having no time or just being so tired. We simply put our health on the back burner. You vow to eat healthier and never skip the gym and the moment you fail, you give up. I’ve heard everything in the book:

“Well I’ve already ate like crap, so I’ll just start fresh tomorrow.”

“I’m so busy. Maybe I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

“I can’t believe I ate that slice of pizza! I feel so awful. I ruined everything. I give up!!!”

“Ugh. I didn’t workout today. It’s okay, I’ll start again next week.”

Next week turns into next month turns into next year and you’re right back where you started – upset and unimpressed with yourself. We need to remember that this is a journey that we’re on, with no specific end point and there are many bumps in this long road of working on our health and fitness.

6 Simple Ways to Get Back on Track: 

Accept that you are a human being who makes mistakes and can’t always be 100% all the time. Even the most successful people slip up, but they always have the willpower and motivation to jump back up and get back on track quickly. Change your mindset from “maybe later” to “right now” because starting again may be difficult but it’s better to just get back on with it then keep making excuses. It’s completely normal to fall off the wagon, but don’t dwell and feel bad about it. Be active and create change in your life! So what you ate a slice of pizza? So what you skipped three gym days? Be better tomorrow. Set goals and start small. Make sure they’re realistic.

People often underestimate the importance of water consumption. It helps with dehydration (during workouts), elimination (flushes out toxins) and digestion (of your food). Your brain is made up of mostly water so drinking water helps you focus and concentrate better! It increases energy and relieves fatigue. Carrying a water bottle with you will remind you to keep drinking and motivate you to keep filling it up. I drink about 2-3 L a day!

Make time for your workout. Put it in your calendar on your phone, make a reminder and make it a habit! It’s all about being motivated and willing to go now that you’ve created some time. The next step is to schedule out each day and what you’ll be doing at the gym. For example, on Monday, I focus on my legs and incorporate some LISS (Low-Intensity-Steady-State) cardio. I also have each leg-focused exercise written down on my phone so I can refer to it. It’s so much easier to go to the gym when you’re prepared – it’s less intimidating.

Sometimes we don’t have time for a full workout or to even get to the gym. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do some squats and lunges, go for a walk, stretch or even do a HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) workout at home! The point is to get your heart rate up and move around for a bit. Trust me, your body will thank you.

If you’re constantly feeling like you need to “cheat” on your relationship with food, then you need a new relationship. Eating healthy sometimes holds a negative connotation. It’s so hard for some people to understand that eating healthy is not eating kale, boiled eggs, and drinking lemon cayenne water everyday and restricting yourself from your favourite foods. We’ve got to get out of that mindset! That, in itself, is unhealthy. Here’s how I created a healthier relationship with food:

  1. Start eating mindfully – listen to your built-in cues – when you’re hungry and when to stop eating.
  2. No foods are off the table – I don’t restrict myself, I just understand what foods are treats and I create alternatives to the foods I love but not are so great for my body.
  3. I always eat breakfast – no matter how early or late my body is telling me to eat.
  4. I don’t keep problematic foods in my house.

Progress doesn’t happen overnight. I’m not expecting you to magically lose 10 lbs in a week (because that’s not healthy) or just stop eating chocolate for the rest of your life (because that’s just whack). Remember why you started this journey. Take photos so you can track your progress. Keep a positive mindset – no negative self-talk. Learn to love how your body transforms and changes. Appreciate that you are making the effort! This journey isn’t just to transform your body, but your mind and soul too. Be proud of how far you’ve come – a day, a week, a month, a year. Celebrate the small victories!

Wishing you luck on your journey, 


Author: theselfdiscoveryjournals

23 years young

3 thoughts on “How to Get Back on Track with Your Fitness and Health Routine”

  1. I’m super into the schedule making, I think it changes everything. Once you start keeping track and holding yourself accountable, you start taking it seriously. Thank you for sharing this super helpful stuff!


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